Caring People to Assist You

Absolute Perfection Bra-tique provides a caring staff concerned for and dedicated to our clients needs. Each client is evaluated for the perfect fit by one of our certified fitters. Whether postoperative or in need of a properly fitted bra, our staff is trained to assist in every fitting situation. All Bra-ticians at Absolute Perfection have been trained to Perfection in their field. No matter which type of fitting challenge our clients may be burdened with, we have the answer. All post surgical fittings are conducted by a Board Certified fitters.

Susan, the owner of Absolute Perfection, has been in the bra business for over 35 years. Her experiences have allowed her to be a wealth of knowledge in how bras fit, should fit, and why they don't fit. Susan is available for speaking engagements at your health fairs, women's groups, or any function where education about the proper fit of a bra would be advantageous. Conducted with humor and a lot of caring and concern, her presentation is a useful addition to any women's get together.



Debbie has been with Absolute Perfection Bra-tique for over 10 years. A certified mastectomy fitter, and a Suzanne Bra School Graduate, she is experienced in the fitting of postoperative and regular bras. Her lively spirit and concern for others make our clients' fitting a comfort and a pleasure. Debbie is a licensed beautician and handles the selection, sizing, and cutting of our wigs for our chemo and alopecia clients. Each wig is color-matched, sized, and cut to match each client's previous style with individual attention to detail. If you are looking for a "new" look, Debbie can accommodate your desire.



Administrative Assistant

Sarah comes to us with over 20 years experience in all aspects of medical insurance filing and claims. A help with any situation you may have a concern, she is happy to assist you. Sarah will also be training as a certified fitter to be added to our fitting staff.

Our staff is dedicated to make sure your visit is comfortable, and that you leave feeling Absolute Perfection! The fitting staff at Absolute Perfection is available to give each client the attention they deserve. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or would like to schedule your own personal appointment, 434-352-0233.